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In recent years M.V has consistently posted double digit, sector
                                               beating growth thanks to a formidable line up of reliable
                                               classic licenses, hot properties and top in-house brands.

                                               In 2017 we will go even further with the launch of 11 new
                                               or refreshed licenses many of which are backed by major
                                               entertainment milestones throughout the year.

No less than 8 licenses will be accompanied by major
theatrical movie releases and 16 have accompanying T.V
series to support them.

With 8 of the top 10 character licenses in 2016 plus a line-up
of successful own brand ranges, M.V are the one stop shop
for all things wheeled.

With the highly anticipated release of the Cars 3 movie in
2017, we have some amazing new models to support this
exciting franchise including authentic Lightning McQueen
foot to oor and battery operated ride ons.

Authenticity is also evident in our consistently performing
Thomas & Friends range with the addition of a huge new
12v powered ride-on complete with realistic sounds and

                                                    And that’s not all, both Paw Patrol and Fireman Sam also
                                                    have several ride ons which replicate those seen in the
                                                    show ensuring that play value is maximised.

                                                    Our girls ranges are also going from strength to strength,
                                                    with Disney Princess receiving a brighter and bolder
                                                    makeover, and the addition of both Moana and Beauty &
                                                    the Beast movie ranges will make 2017 a magical year for
                                                    Disney’s top girls’ franchises.

                                                    Peppa Pig is consistently the best performer in wheeled toys
                                                    and the recent successes of Shopkins, Trolls and My Little
                                                    Pony complete an unparalleled collection of girl’s licenses.
                                                    The My Little Pony movie in particular will ensure another
                                                    year of growth for this increasingly vital property.
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