EU Declaration of Conformity:

Please see below our products declaration of conformity and support videos. If you are unable to locate a document you require please email the product code and batch code to and someone will assist your request as soon as possible. The batch code and product code are labelled on each product.


Support Videos

Go-Kart – Remove and Re-attach the C clip on the Pedal Go-Kart- Adjust the Chain Tension & Re-attach the Chain
Go-Kart – Replace Snapped Chain Go-Kart- Re-attach Snapped Chain
Hedstrom Nest Swing Kickmaster Premier Goal Net Assembly – Step 1
Kickmaster Premier Goal Net Assembly – Step 2 Starwars Electric Scooter Motor replacement
Troubleshooting information for the Glideboard Thomas Deluxe Pop Up Tent – How to pack away
Trampoline – Attaching The Enclosure Net To The Trampoline Thomas Deluxe Pop Up Tent – How to pack away
Trampoline – Attaching The Spring To The Trampoline  Safety Helmet – Strap Adjustment 


Instruction Manuals are in PDF format & require Acrobat Reader to view

Tilt n Turn Scooter Folding Inline Scooter
2 in 1 10 Bike My First Inline Scooter
Safety Helmet My First Trike
Safety Helmet (Model YX-0411) M08834 Toddler Swing
M08684-01 Wavy Slide M08651-01 Folding Toddler Swing
M08604-02 Gemini: Double Swing M08855 Fast-Folding Toddler Swing
M008636 Triton: Goal, Basketball Hoop & Swing Combo M08658-01 Deluxe Folding Toddler Swing
M08605-02 Venus: Swing & Glider Combo – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 M08655-02 Single Swing
M08859 Alpha: Double Swing, Climber & Target Shot Combo M08835 2-in-1 Toddler to Junior Garden Swing
M08601-02 Neptune: 2 x Swing & Glider Combo M08656-02 Deluxe 2-in-1 Toddler to Junior Garden Swing
M08858 Fabric Nest Swing M008631 Musical Toddler Swing
M08860 Nebula: Glider & Nest Swing Combo M008600 3-in-1 Swing
M08612-02 Saturn: Swing, Glider & Slide Combo M08682-02 Seesaw
M08610-02 Europa: 2 x Swing, Glider & Slide Combo M08845 Roundabout Seesaw
M008602 Hedstrom Dome Climber M08867 Junior Trampoline
M008630 4.5ft Trampoline M008619 6ft Trampoline
M008620 10ft Trampoline M008622 12ft Trampoline
M008624 14ft Trampoline Kickmaster Target Shot
Kickmaster Porta Goal Set Kickmaster Pro- Lite Goal
Stunted XT Scooter Stunted X Scooter
Stunted XTS Scooter Stunted XL Scooter
Stunted XTC Scooter  


Declaration of Conformity

M13309: Peppa Pig Safety Helmet M003009: Spiderman Safety Helmet
M003010: Spiderman Safety Helmet M003014: Frozen II Safety Helmet
M003105: LOL Surprise Safety Helmet M003139: Disney Princess Safety Helmet
M003140: Disney Princess Safety Helmet M003147: Paw Patrol Safety Helmet
M003161: CoCoMelon Safety Helmet M003213: Batman Safety Helmet
M003216: Bluey Safety Helmet M003243: Sonic Safety Helmet
M003250: Gabby’s Dollhouse Safety Helmet M003260: Barbie Safety Helmet
M13072-02: Batman Safety Helmet M003261: Spiderman Knee and Elbow Pads
M003261: Barbie Knee and Elbow Pads M003272: Spiderman Safety Helmet
M003273 Paw Patrol Safety Helmet M003274 Peppa Pig Safety Helmet
M003275 Frozen 2 Safety Helmet