Academy Training Ball (M06025-02) Domestic

High quality K-Tec supersoft stitched ball with anti-sting feature.

  • Size 4 stitched ball (official size and weight)
  • Specially formulated K-Tec supersoft cushioning system for anti-sting and easy control
  • Pre-inflated high quality bladder for optimum air retention
  • Weather proofed, water-sealed valve



Multi Surface Ball (M06036-02) Domestic

Specially designed size 4 ball for use on all surfaces.

  • Size 4 moulded ball (official size)
  • ‘Micro dot’ surface for optimum grip and control
  • 100% robust rubber surface for maximum durability
  • Water-sealed valve



Backpack Training Set (M06019-02) Domestic

High quality backpack containing a complete football training set.

  • Kickmaster printed zip-top backpack with breathable side pockets
  • Durable size 4 Kickmaster training ball (official size)
  • Printed shin pads with high-impact shell protection
  • Printed drinks bottle
  • 4 flexi training cones

Back Pack Goal Set (M06125) Domestic

Portable training goal, ball and back pack. Goal easily folds and packs away.

  • Back pack with ball pocket
  • Training ball
  • Pump
  • Anchor pegs included
  • Assembled size: W75 x H50 x D50

Close Control Trainer (M06116) Domestic

The original hand held training device for practicing ball control, passing and shooting.

  • Re-coil mechanism for fast action and control practice
  • Shaped handle with rubberised surface for extra grip
  • Instant cord locking feature for close control training
  • Universal ball holder to fit all standard size footballs


Glide Football (M06130) Domestic

Electronic gliding indoor soccer game with cone goals/ markers.

  • Hovering, gliding football with lights
  • 3 x cones included to create your own obstacle course
  • Suitable for single or multiple players
  • Cushioned bumper and hover action protect floors, woodwork and paint
  • Indoor use
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)


Premier Goals
5ft (M06109)
6ft (M06046-02) Domestic
7ft (M06047-02) Domestic
8ft (M06110) Domestic
10ft (M06048-02) Domestic

Sturdy steel goals with stanchions, net and U-shaped anchor pegs.

  • Rust resistant paint finish
  • Extra strong high density 3 ply netting
  • Additional brace bar for extra stability include on 10ft goal

Ultra HD Goals
6ft (M06131)
7ft (M06132)
8ft (M06133)
10ft (M06134)

Highly durable and strong metal goals.

  • Rust resistant paint finish
  • Extra strong high density 5 ply netting
  • Robust, durable frame construction: 35mm diameter, 1mm wall thickness
  • Available in 4 sizes

Porta Goal Set (M06017-01)

The ‘play-anywhere’ training goal set.

  • 2 lightweight easy to assemble goals
  • Stylish carry bag for easy portability
  • Robust, durable frame construction: 20mm diameter, 1.5mm wall thickness
  • Includes 8 U-shaped anchor pegs
  • Assembled size W157 x H86 x D86cm


Portable Folding Goal (M06123)

Play anywhere portable folding goal.

  • UV resistant frame with anchor pegs
  • Assembled size W90 x H61 x D59cm
  • Locking tab mechanism to ensure frame stays rigid during play
  • No assembly required, just unfold and play
  • Ball and pump included


One on One Folding Goal Set (M06118) Domestic

Go anywhere portable folding goal set.

  • Two play anywhere portable folding goals
  • UV resistant frames with anchor pegs
  • Assemble size W90 x H61 x D59cm
  • Locking tab mechanism to ensure frames stay rigid during play
  • No assembly required, just unfold and play

Quick Up Goal & Target Shot (M06098) Domestic

Cool portable target goal. Easy to assemble and convert into target practice.

  • Strong and portable
  • Inbuilt target shot
  • Anchor pegs included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Assembled size: W106 x H76 x D76cm

Large Quick Up Goal & Target Shot (M06105) Domestic

The ultimate portable goal.

  • Strong and portable
  • Inbuilt target shot
  • Side pockets for storage
  • Anchor pegs included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Assembled size: W183 x H120 x L120cm



Prolite XR Goals
6ft (M06135)
7ft (M06136)
8ft (M06137)
10ft (M06138)
12ft (M06139)

Play at home or away with the improved, original ‘training ground’ lightweight goal.

  • All-weather UV resistant frame with U-shaped anchor pegs
  • Additional fibreglass support provides improved crossbar rigidity
  • Locking tab mechanism ensures that frame stays rigid during play
  • Now available in 5 sizes:

Fibre Glass Goals
6ft (M06140)
7ft (M06141)
8ft (M06142)
10ft (M06143)
12ft (M06144)

Play anywhere with these easy assemble, lightweight and durable goals!

  • Strong fibreglass frame
  • 3 ply net
  • Ground pegs included
  • Quick and simple assembly
  • Folds away for easy storage and transportation
  • Available in 5 sizes:


Ultimate Football Challenge Set (M06097) Domestic

The complete football skills compendium.

  • Games manual comprising of 20 different games
  • 3 free kick figures, ideal for shooting practice and dribbling
  • 6 passing target hoops which cleverly transform into a chipping target zone
  • 4 flexi training cones for dribbling
  • Durable size 4 Kickmaster training ball
  • 121 x 91cm (4 x 3ft) sturdy steel goal

Target Shot Rebounder 
(5ft M06107)
(6ft M06108)
(7ft M06073)

The ultimate training goal set for practicing shots, close control skills and goal keeping technique.

  • High-tension rebound surface with fast response for a challenging ball return
  • Target areas to help improve shooting accuracy
  • Adjustable angle feature for varied height and angle returns
  • Easily converts into a sturdy training goal with net
  • U-shaped anchor pegs included
  • Durable 25mm diameter frame
  • Available in 3 sizes

Indoor Target Shot (M06122) Domestic

Indoor target shooting game.

  • Target shot with “sticky” loop and eye pads
  • Includes soft ball
  • Ridged tubular frame
  • Nylon straps for hanging up and/or attaching to doors
  • For indoor use only


Mini Indoor Electronic Target Shot (M06121)

Target shot with electronic scoreboard with built in shooting game.

  • Target shot goal with electronic sensor pads
  • Electronic scoreboard to keep the score
  • Rigid tubular frame and legs
  • Indoor use only
  • For one or two players
  • Mini football included
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

Mini “Beat the Goalie” (M06149)

2-in-1 goal with removable target shot.

  • 3x2ft kickmaster goal with net
  • 5” football included
  • 1 moving keeper
  • Includes 4 x ground stakes
  • Includes 1 x pump

Ultimate Skills Trainer (M06150)

Football skills trainer incorporating ball return, target practice, mini goal and rebounder in one.

  • Improves core skills such as control, passing, touch and volleying
  • Includes curved ramp
  • Rebounder and target net
  • Suitable for single or multiple use
  • Ability to receive the ball back at different height, speeds and angles
  • Collapses easily for storage

Foot Golf (M06148)

Precision sport where players lay out their course, kick the balls into a cup in as few shots as possible!

  • Combining football and golf
  • Includes: 4 x target trays
  • 4 x flags
  • 2 x balls
  • Ball pump included