My First Ride-On

(M07193) Domestic

Exciting first ride-on with colourful

Thomas graphics.

  • Fun squeaker and phone feature
  • Seat opens for storage
  • Rear backrest for support
  • Front and rear anti-tip feature
  • Fun and colourful character graphic


Thomas Engine Ride-On

(M07076-01) Domestic

Shaped Thomas engine ride-on with colourful Thomas features.

  • Authentic features including painted 3D face moulded wheels and colourful graphics
  • Fun squeaker feature
  • Seat opens for storage
  • Rear backrest for support
  • Front and rear anti-tip feature


3 in 1 Scooter, Trailer and Ride-On (M04938) Domestic

Cool Thomas ride-on that converts easily into a scooter with a trailer, perfect for storage.

  • Multifunctional scooter and ride-on
  • Easily converts from ride-on into scooter
  • Complete with storage box trailer
  • Adjustable steering wheel height
  • Max weight 15kgs


My First Trike

(M04615-01) Domestic

Ideal first trike with colourful Thomas character graphics.

  • Robust tubular steel frame for extra stability
  • Removable parent handle
  • Adjustable handlebar height 50-53cm
  • Seat height 30cm
  • Rear bucket for storage
  • Front wheel clutch for freewheeling


Battery Operated Thomas Train and 22 Piece Track Set

(M09219-01) Domestic

All aboard this authentic battery powered Thomas ride-on complete with 22 pieces of track.

  • Authentic Thomas theme tune and sounds
  • Forward and reverse gears
  • Hand lever control
  • Includes 6v rechargeable battery and charger
  • Initial battery charge time 12 hours
  • Battery charge time 60 – 90 hours
  • Moves on track only
  • Detachable carriage
  • Maximum weight allowance 20kgs


My First Tri-Scooter

(M04616-02) Domestic

Perfect my first tri-scooter with colourful graphics. Sturdy three-wheel scooter gives extra stability for beginners.

  • Colour printed anti-slip footplate
  • 15cm (6”) front wheel with puncture-proof tyre
  • 10cm (4”) rear wheels with puncture-proof tyre
  • Adjustable handlebar height 63-69cm
  • Fun character plaque and graphics


Tilt ‘n’ Turn Scooter

(M04649-02) Domestic

Cool scooter featuring Thomas character graphics.

  • Easy tilt ‘n’ turn steering action
  • Printed anti-slip footplate
  • Rear footbrake
  • Wide footplate for extra stability
  • Removable handlebars for easy storage

My First In-Line Scooter

(M04820-01) Domestic

Sturdy first in-line scooter with extra wide front and rear wheels and Thomas graphics.

  • Chunky puncture-proof tyres to aid balance
  • Wide colour printed footplate for extra stability
  • Front mudguard
  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • Fun character plaque



3D Tilt ‘n’ Turn Engine Scooter

(M04937) Domestic

Cool scooter featuring Thomas character graphics and 3D features.

  • Easy tilt ‘n’ turn steering action
  • Rear footbrake
  • Wide footplate for extra stability
  • Authentic Thomas features





Perfect 3 in 1 scooter with luggage case and trolley. Printed with colourful Thomas graphics.

  • Folding scooter for easy storage
  • Hard wearing ABS Case size 15”
  • 120mm PVC Wheels
  • Rear footbrake



Safety Helmet

(M03847-02) Domestic

Thomas safety helmet, ideal for biking, skating and scooting.

  • Foam padding for extra comfort and fit
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Adjustable head straps
  • Lightweight EPS inner
  • Ventilated shell


Knee & Elbow Pads


Thomas knee and elbow that protect children whilst biking, skating and scootering

  • Printed elbow pads
  • Printed knee pads
  • Go faster Thomas graphics


Skate & Safety Gift Set


Thomas skate set includes a helmet and knee and elbow pads all decorated in colourful Thomas graphics.

  • Ideal beginner over-shoe skates for young children
  • Toddler safety helmet with colourful Thomas graphics
  • High-impact knee and elbow pads with child friendly fastening straps


Sit ‘n’ Scoot


Convertible foot to floor ride-on that easily transforms into a three wheel scooter.

  • 15cm (6”) lightweight rear wheels
  • 18.5cm (7.5”) lightweight front wheel
  • Puncture-proof tyres
  • Simple push button / twist mechanism



10” 2 in 1 Training Bike

(M04821-01) Domestic

Cool convertible bike that transforms from a pedal bike to a balance bike as the child gains confidence.

  • 25cm (10”) lightweight wheels
  • Puncture-proof tyres
  • Front mudguard
  • Removable pedals and stabilisers
  • Easy to convert
  • Adjustable handlebar height 61-63cm
  • Adjustable seat height 41-46cm
  • Colourful character plaque


My First 12” Bike

(M04618-03) Domestic

Fun bike with colourful Thomas and Friends character graphics.

  • 30cm (12”) puncture-proof tyres
  • Fully enclosed printed chainguard
  • Front and rear caliper brakes
  • Removable stabilisers
  • Adjustable handlebar height 61-63cm
  • Adjustable seat height 41-46cm